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Hairy Girls in Lingerie

When a girl is going to be going to the beach or a public pool and wearing a skimpy swimsuit, I can understand her feeling the need to shave a little bit down below. But at home in lingerie, the hair should stay. Most of my girlfriends felt that they needed to tame the strays at the very least, but I would try my hardest to convince them it wasn’t necessary. Pussy hair fluffing up and out of panties is a welcome sight in my opinion. It’s like a hairy invitation and I am all for accepting it.

When I found this 26% off discount offer to Be Hairy, I was excited to see that many of their girls don’t trim at all. I was bewitched with Russian brunette, Ekaterina, the moment I saw her. In fact, that is her pussy in black panties in the picture. I want to snack on that sweet snatch so bad. She has hair front and back, even up that cute teen ass crack. She has several videos in the site, but my favorite is “Shaggy girl in pantyhose”.